The Diving Bell and the Butterfly–Jean-Dominique Bauby

Astounding. If I could describe this book in one word it’s: astounding. This man wrote this whole book with his eyelid.

 Not literally, not like he held a pen or typed with his face, but dictated it through his own Morse code and alphabet what he wanted to say.

 Jean-Dominique had a (rare) stroke and became imprisoned in his own body. Given the circumstances you would think that he would keep it short and sweet (his words, I mean) but he tells his story in his own voice and doesn’t try to stilt himself. And this makes it all the more beautiful.

    He talks about so many things, love and loss and people and life and you just want to find him and hold his hand for awhile to thank him for giving you something you didn’t know you lost.

 This is right up there with Tuesdays with Morrie in that I need to read it every month to remember who I am.

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