Summer Blowout–Claire Cook

How humiliating. My brain was broken when I was reading this. I needed a book that I labeled “dumb” in order to try to bust myself out of it.

 Well. This book was dumb. Not in the ‘Foul Play’ Janet Evanovich so dumb it was funny, but in the ‘Yikes, I can’t believe I’m reading this and mildly enjoying it” way. I’ll give her kudos on her writing skills, it was a light, easy, fun read and exactly what you would want for summer.

 On the other hand, the characters were characters. They didn’t feel like real people that I would meet on the street or even in my own family. They were caricatures of what you think people in salons are like.

The summary of this book is that Bella Shaugnessy’s half-sister steals Bella’s husband from her and she’s trying to get over the loss and anger. (Not trying very hard, I might add. And it’s been a year. You’d think she was over her revenge phase.)

 Her family owns a salon, her dad and family are all kooky, and she’s obsessed with lipstick. She steals a dog, she finds a man, she gets a new type of job in her company and her husband leaves her sister.

 It’s all very soap opera in a very odd way. Like those fake movie trailers you see inside movies where the characters are watching a movie in the theater.

 I think this one should go half in the Trash Bin because I’ll never read it again and I’m not even sure you should read it. Unless your brain is broken and you need a dumby bandaid.

2 thoughts on “Summer Blowout–Claire Cook

    • When I say Trash Bin, I mean the list of books that stink haha. I didn’t ACTUALLY throw it in the trash, that’s horrible! I took it to the outside library a few blocks from here and donated it!

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