Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix–J.K. Rowling

I will never stop reviewing these books. Never.  Ever.

 I needed this book like a flower needs the sun. And the bees. And the earth. And the water. And the wind.

   At this point I was not into reading anything. That last book did little to make me enthusiastic about books, so I needed a real book. A book that I was guaranteed to love.

Enter my old standbys. Harry Potter is my life source. And the Order of the Phoenix, while made fun of for being angst-ridden, is so beautiful and the perfect bridge book for the series. Sure, you get pissed at Umbridge, Harry, and even lovely old Dumbledore. You get mad that you can’t change the ending and Sirius lives. You can’t change anything, which is good because that shows that you still have feelings and hope in the world that even though you know better that you still want to believe that you can change something as solid as a book.

These books are in my soul and every pattern of who I am. I love that these are real people with real problems and even though they are in a magical place, that magic doesn’t solve everything. Half the time people are punching each other instead of using magic! I love that.

 This book in particular makes you feel so much because we lose so much with one person.

 I love Sirius. Sigh. I wish I had an uncle like him or something. Or even a dog like him.

 I love that after ten years of reading this book it still makes me feel.