The God that Comes–Hawksley Workman

Instead of a regular book review I thought that for once I would review a show that I’ve seen recently since I actually managed to leave my hovel and go out in the Vancouver city.

I’m a huuuuuuuuuuge Hawksley Workman fan, our love affair began a million years ago when my sisters forced me to go and see him in concert in the town over from ours. I wasn’t a fan then, I was sick of his music because my older sister kept playing it over and over and over again and we were going through puberty so I was listening to the like of Backstreet Boys and Hanson and didn’t yet know what (real) good music was.

I didn’t even know what music was.

Not until I heard Hawksley live.

I had heard a few of his albums and I thought that everything was so over produced and his voice didn’t really sound like that. It was impossible. He wasn’t a goddamn God. He was just a man with a really good producer pressing all the right buttons. (I was an idiot at 16.)

Man am I glad that he proved me wrong. His voice is even better live. His voice IS from the Gods. His voice can actually echo like that and I have no idea how but it’s gorgeous and he IS music. He can take the simplest thing (like a moth) and turn it into a song. A song that resonates with you and makes you feel whole and light and everything all at once.

He was my first concert and still one of the best. I’ve seen Bon Jovi, Cyndi Lauper, Britney Spears, and Nicki Minaj since then and it’s all because Hawksley made  something  that was scary and overwhelming to me into something just shy of magic.

My sister and I had been bouncing back and forth on whether we could afford to see his ‘play’ when he came to Vancouver, and then just last week we decided (with her friend of 10 years, whom they had built their friendship on Hawksley and whiskey) to just do it and ignore how poor we are and just enjoy ourselves. We can worry about money later.

Thank. The. Gods.

We did ourselves the biggest favour of life.

That show was the GREATEST thing I’ve ever seen. And I saw Bon Jovi’s piano player playing two pianos at once. That’s pretty badass, right? Hawksley put on a show that was concert, play, and musical all at once. BY. HIMSELF. He sang for two people and one God. It was the story of Bacchus and his mountain, where everyone in this little town would go and explore themselves through drink and sex and violence. Naturally the king didn’t enjoy that his people weren’t being prudent and innocent, that they weren’t listening to him. Then he found out that his own mother was going to these parties. The king dresses as a woman and goes to find out what’s so great about it.

Then the wild mob kills him and his mom rips his head from his body.

I’m seriously not even giving a thing away about the actual performance because you need to know that story going in. And he tells you at the beginning.

The rest of the performance was so surprising, and lovely, and I’ve never laughed so hard in my life and I’ve never enjoyed myself more.

Not to mention Hawksley made eye contact with me and I nearly died. Mostly because he was saying ‘Tits’ at the time and it was hilarious. Okay, so we probably didn’t actually, but I was sitting at the front table and my sister is convinced that he definitely looked at us. (We may have been fangirling like dweebs. And yes, we’re 26 and 28. No. We are not adults.)

If you ever see one show in your entire life it should be anything with Hawksley in it because that man does not disappoint. He was just as brilliant and awe-inspiring as he was when I first saw him and I’ve never flown so high during and after a show.

I love him. Go see it. I’m going to lay on the floor of my room and listen to his albums and laugh about tits and Ukelady boys.