Would You?

Here’s a serious question: Would you watch a video of me reading a horrible book out loud?

My sister and I started reading out loud The Situation’s book just for shits and giggles and then got the brilliant idea to tape it? Would you guys enjoy weekly videos of my laughing my head off at some of the worlds most terrible books?

Please note: I’m not being malicious, this is just genuinely fun and I’ll always make sure to point out the good at the end because it takes time and effort to write a book and I appreciate that. I only started reading this book because it held a sick curiosity and it’s so worth it just for the laughs.

My sister requested I read it to her out loud after I kept coming in the room laughing hysterically.

So, would you? Because I’m thinking of tons of books now that would be so much fun to do this with.

Yay? Nay?