The Cuckoo’s Calling–Robert Galbraith aka. J.K. Rowling

By now everyone knows that this was actually written by J.K. Rowling and that she wanted to just write a book and put it out without any craziness or expectations of her. Which I adore. She didn’t want to do any circuits or press promotion or anything, she simply wanted to write a book and have it out in the world and see what happened without her big wig name attached to it getting all this attention.

   The results, book sales, not so great (which I’m sure she didn’t care since she use to be a billionaire) even though the reviews were somewhere in the middle.

 Admittedly, it took me awhile to read this just because I was reading Trainspotting at the same time and somehow the two things interlinked and both became really difficult for me to read.

  This book however, was good and easy enough to follow. It’s like coming home every time I read something of hers. I liked the characters, I liked the mystery, I even liked that they kept calling the girl ‘Cuckoo’.

 I seriously didn’t see the end coming.

It’s about a famous model that apparently committed suicide, her brother thinks otherwise and hires a private detective. It’s like Sherlock meets…a regular mystery haha.

 Good book! Read it!

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