Beauty’s Punishment–Anne Rice

So sue me, I read the second one the second I put Lord of the Flies down. Maybe I just needed my sick violent nature sated (ew, I can’t believe I said that word) after there being no cannibals in the last book. I’m a perv, let’s move on. Haha

 So nobody gets eaten in this book either, at least not in the way you would think, heeeeeeyooooooo, haha. Told you I’m a perv.

 But people are getting the crap kicked out of them, so I guess that’s good? (*Shakes head* what is wrong with me?)

 When we last left Beauty she was instigating a fight with her Prince so she could be sent to the Village where she knew she would be used and abused, and why? Because she was curious about the tortures and experiences she would have there. Gotta love a curious heroine right? That’s just asking for trouble!

I think I liked this one better than the first because there was a lot more love in it than the last. This one showed people that were slaves that were falling in love with their masters, and masters falling in love with their slaves, and in a way it was kind of nice.

 Still very well written, characters were great and you got more into some of their back stories (insert backside joke…well, something was inserted that’s for sure. I’m a juvenile. I’m sorry haha) and it’s very interesting to learn and read that people actually enjoy this kind of behaviour not just from the side of the master.

 Human nature man, am I right?

 Sexy, sexy, human nature. Hahaha I think I need to drink less caffeine when I write these.

 Okay, I’m just high on water, I don’t drink caffeine. Maybe I should START.

Constant vigilance!

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