Last Chance Dragons

I read ‘Eragon’, and I have the other two (Brisingr and Eldest) but I’m having a seriously hard time convincing myself to read them because I wasn’t the biggest fan of Eragon.

It was decent, made more for teenagers, so what I’m offering here is someone a chance to tell me if they loved them or hated them and if YOU guys think it’s worth it for me to keep them instead of taking them to the community outdoor library.

Last chance sweet dragons! Anyone want to speak up for these books?


7 thoughts on “Last Chance Dragons

  1. Read them. Just once. They get really good and by the last book you’re not only emotionally attached to the characters but you’re also mind-blown by some things. Once you read them all you can decide if you liked them or not, but don’t do that until you’ve made it through. 😀 I really liked them.

    • Unfortunately I’ve shelved them for the time being. I have a ton of Anne Rice to read and a million other books. So they go on the ‘Someday’ shelf. 🙂 I’m glad so many people have spoke up for them though! That says a lot.

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