GoodReads Challenge 2014

Every year there is a challenge you can set yourself on GoodReads.

How many books do you think you can read this year?

Usually the answer to that for me is: “Endless.” 2012 I read 85 books. Last year I read 76 in order to give myself time to write my own book and edit. It’s a fun game to me. One without a real reward other then bragging rights that I’m a book obliterater and reading Queen.

So, for those of you who have seen this years challenge, you’re probably wondering why this year it’s only 30. Only. Like that’s not a decent sized amount of books to read. *scoffs* 2012 I was ferociously making my way through my book shelf, once I finished a book I would pick up another. I was reading new books about every two days. (In case you were wondering, before I found the good reads challenge, 2011 I read roughly 100 books. I was jobless and read a new book pretty well every day.)

Last year I was going through my book shelf at top speed as well and by the end of the year I was burnt out. What’s the point of reading if you can’t remember what you’ve read because you’ve read so much?

So this year, I decided to appreciate books more, take things slow, read at a leisurely pace instead of trying to keep up with a race car.

30 books is a challenge for some, but a blessing to me. I’ll get to write more and have the time for other things.

What do you think should be in my 30 books for 2014?


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