Tick Tock Tick Tock

Something is going on with my brain lately. Yes, you’re hearing these words for the thousandth time in the last year:

I’m having issues picking up something to read. Maybe it’s because lately I’ve been reading books slower and with a higher caliber of writing, but I can’t seem to get into books. Maybe I’m just too jazzed about writing my own stuff, or MAYBE (and this is probably the most accurate) I’m in need of a media cleanse once more because I’m addicted to Netflix and working on a large scale cross stitch project.

The last bunch of books from Philippa Gregorys ‘Constant Princess’ to Anne Rices ‘The Vampire Lestat’ and now to a book I’m putting on par with Hilary Duff and just a few steps above The Situation: Lauren Conrad’s ‘L.A. Candy’. I found her series at work the other day and I’ve always been interested in what she would write about. I mean, I found her the most logical and real on The Hills if not mildly boring.

The first page seriously starts out like I would’ve written a book in high school. Overly describing things to the point of annoying.

Obviously you have to describe things, but after two paragraphs I said ‘Nope.’ out loud and closed the book.

I made it further with 50 Shades of Grey.

So now I have the arduous task (big word alert) of trying to find something to read that will actually hold my attention. *trumpet noises*

Blackberry Wine by Joanne Harris to the rescue? Hope so. Otherwise I’m just sitting here watching Psych and sewing a Clint Eastwood project until my arm starts to hurt.

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