Gone Girl–Gillian Flynn


 I’ve been hearing about this book forever it seems. Everyone was telling me how great and crazy it was and that I, of all people, needed to read it.

 People seriously kept saying that: You, of all people, need to read it.

 I’m assuming because I’m a voracious reader and love a good plot twist. So I have no shame in saying that this book:

 3/4s of it was boring.

Bomb dropped

 Okay, so something has been happening to me lately where I’ve been reading so much that I just want authors to get to the point. Why am I reading this book? Why is the lead up so long? What’s the matter with writers that there is just action on top of action in any of the books I’m reading?

 Winnie-the-Pooh managed to shock me, so why shouldn’t books that are labeled as thrillers and mysteries?

 Be careful what you wish for.

 The last ¼ of this book was bomb after bomb of shock and awe! The funny thing is: I predicted what was going to happen and it still knocked my goddamn socks off. And for sincerity sake here’s a picture of the conversation with my friend Marie from when I read it:

Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 12.21.55 PM

Here’s hoping Ben Affleck kills it in the movie version and they don’t bastardize the book.

Constant vigilance!

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