Heart of Texas: Caroline’s Child and Dr. Texas–Debbie Macomber

I’m psychic.


 Yes, a bold statement carried by many, but when it comes to books I’m seriously becoming psychic. Maybe it’s because I’ve read it all before, maybe it’s because I’ve been reading too much of the same kind of book or author, but I think a book should have a little something in it that makes it less predictable.


 On the other hand: This is a romance and what’s the point?


 This book was about, you got it: love. Who is the daddy of Caroline’s child, and I’m betting you guess before the end but you’ll still be shocked by the audacity of all parties. Author included.


Dr. Texas is about the new local doctor, you got it, falling in love.


Maybe it was the complete and utter mindfuck that was Gone Girl, but I kind of needed a predictable romance to get me over it. I was in shock for a little while at the craziness of that.


 And who the hell doesn’t need cowboys in their life? I love the characters, I love the town, I love that there’s a haunted town near this town that everyone isn’t suppose to know about, but they do, and they all get goose bumps thinking about it.


 Read these, Debbie Macomber writes a good and heart healthy book that doesn’t make you paranoid about other human beings.




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