Heart of Texas: Nell’s Cowboy & Lonestar Baby–Debbie Macomber

Ah sweet predictability. Like most of Debbie’s books they have a surprise ending: Everyone falls in love! Haha. I like her writing, I like the simplicity of the books, I like most of the characters, but I think I just read too many too close together and after reading The Secret Life of Bees I should’ve kept going with higher quality stories instead of dumbing myself down again.

This book was about Nell, whose husband died and she was trying to turn their farm into a dude ranch for tourists. She meets a writer who is trying to take a break from being famous and surprise, surprise, they fall in love while she doesn’t even know who he really is.

The second story is about a pregnant girl who comes to town looking for a fresh start and the local minister takes care of her, and shock of all shock, they fall in love.

I definitely suggest these if you are looking for a summer book (which this was suppose to be, but I ended up reading it in the fall when I like to read heavier books.) and want something easy going and carefree.

Constant vigilance accepts all genres.

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