Battle Wounds

I’m sitting here reading, playing Sims, testing out lipsticks on myself, while I wait until Doomsday and I have to leave for yet another appointment with a new veterinarian to see what we can do about little noodles benign tumour.

She’s bouncing around my bed like a champagne cork busted and still doing her new fun game of rubbing her body on the blankets so that she gets charged and then proceeds to shock me after each one. I don’t know what her fascination is with this, and I dislike being shocked, but I also find it very amusing that she thinks it’s so funny.

Yesterday I had my tattoo lasered for the fourth time (being so pale I was really hoping it would be the last, but I think I have a few more sessions to go before I’m really done. Balls. It hurt way more then the last time as we decided to just “give ‘er”. Mistake.) and Doomsday thought it would be a good idea to remove the black plastic padding that’s protecting it.

Lately she’s been doing this thing where she thinks I’m a dirty hobo and tries to “clean” me. She’s been licking me a lot more and tugging at my socks, clothing, and sometimes my skin, in order to remove my “fur” tufts that she thinks need preening. This is a form of love, which is nice and sweet. (She doesn’t do this to anyone else, and yesterday she actually gave me a kiss on the lips, which I don’t generally condone because I think it’s revolting seeing people kiss their pets like that, but it was so tiny it was really cute, not like a dog slobbering up your face.)

Unfortunately, she decided that this black padding was also a “fur” tuft and bit me. On my tattoo. Which was freshly lasered. It hurt more than getting it lasered.

Anyway, so I noticed something today, we both have new battle wounds on our left legs. Same spot and everything. Weird thing? We started to get them around the same time.

Thus bringing me to my point that she is my animal soul mate and her body recognized something in mine that it wanted to copy. If only she had a teeny tiny little tattoo instead of a tumour.

She’d be even tougher than her name.

Constant vigilance.

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