People have been coming to me/brainstorming with me about things to do to get buzz out on my book projects, their book projects and in general just having a good time.

In talking today with follower/high school friend/fellow writer extraordinaire we came up with the best possible idea for a new posting.

Called: Shitty Things I wrote in High School. Next month we will start debuting our truly awful stories that we wrote in high school, putrid poetry, and maybe add some personal letters of mine because I was so fond of writing to fellow classmates instead of paying attention in math class.

Hello! Still writing letters! Not using algebra! Boom! I win Miss Hunt. I was right. You stink. Haha

Anyway, if you would like to submit your own truly horrendous writing/amusing musings then feel free to email me at

Yes. I still have my email from the ninth grade. And I don’t care who knows it. I’m still a fairy princess too. Suck on that world!

I don’t know why I’m so aggressive today.

Send me your stuff! The worst will get published and a shout out on twitter! (Follow me on twitter @AhLihSahn)

Constant vigilance!

9 thoughts on “STIWIHS

    1. I hated writers craft, I think I got a 60% overall in that class. She didn’t like anything I did! I was like Screw you, you’re just jealous. lol she spent all class writing her own stuff instead of teaching us anything! I don’t remember her name but I remember she looked like an insane version of Professor Trelawney hahaha

      1. Lmfao I actually really liked her, she had morbid interests though I used to always write really dark stuff for projects… She totally did look like Trelawney tho lol

      2. yeah, I wasn’t into writing dark and disturbed anymore (I did that for my elementary school teachers haha), she once told me she didn’t like my “style” of writing. Which was basically just me blurting things out, said I needed to be more descriptive, and then when I did that she was like not enough dialogue, so I gave up on her haha, she just didn’t like my stuff.

      3. Haha, she’d probably be like Who are you? and considering I don’t remember her name either it’s not likely. But I will write in the back section: To my Grade 12 Writers Craft teacher who gave me a 60%. Eat dick. hahaha

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