The Tommyknockers–Stephen King


Literally: Scared my pants off.

Figuratively: Stressed me out hardcore.

Uh, scratch that, reverse it. This book was not as stress inducing as Misery, didn’t have me under the covers crying like a little bitch, but it DID freak me the hell out so much that I had nightmares.

So I guess I’m still a little bitch. But that’s okay, because I really really needed to read this book and tuck it away in my memory for future reference when I need to call up a disturbed scene in a book.

IE: The whole last half of the book.

The plot is that a western writer lives in the forest alone with her dog that is getting old and going blind in one eye. One day, she trips over this metal thing in the woods. Decides to dig it out. Realizes she’s been digging for a seriously long time and has a period of epic proportions. Scary proportions. Now if you are a girl, you understand that this is petrifying and a serious sign that something is wrong in your ‘verse. If you are a guy, you probably think ‘Oh shit, that’s not good, get that girl to a hospital’. And we thank you for that, we really do. Haha.

But what do you really do when there are alien life forms a comin’ and you can feel in your bones that your best friend is in deep shit? Well, if you’re Jim Gardner, you get wasted and then try to die.

OR you go and help. Either one, really.

I loved this book in that it was exactly what I was looking for. Good writing, good plot, surprising as fuck, and scary because it rolls a handful of my nightmares into one and glorious stressfest.

And I don’t like to be scared from books, so you know I really mean it.

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