Remember that Time…

…That I forgot about you guys? Neither do I. But I do remember that I got addicted to Merlin so much that nothing else in life mattered, I turned off my phone, stopped answering messages on facebook, and I would’ve ignored Doomsday if she wasn’t so bitey about my ignoring her jumping on my back.

That’s when the hydro went out in my apartment building and whole block. Thus making it impossible to watch Merlin but give me enough time to reevaluate my life.

Begrudgingly, I read a book. (Wild Orchids by Jude Deveraux) …and then I became addicted to that book.

So here we are. No reviews this week. No quotes. No book hunting. Nothing but Valentines day stuff and a quasi-apology.

I’d say next week will be different, but I’m going to Florida with my family to move into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And you’ll never see me again.

See you in March!

Constant vigilance!

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