Sick as a Dog, But Not as Cute.

I’ve been so sick that I could barely get out of bed even though my dog was crying outside my door to be my friend. Migraines, cold, fever, you name it, I’ve had it this week. Clearly I was in some need of rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, I had just moved home and needed to get organized and whatnot.

So I’ve been fighting my OCD as well as my actual illness. The only semi-solace I got was in the laughter I got because of my fever hair. It was so messed up it was amazing, I needed to post them on Facebook.

Lucky for you, my little cousin was around to help me sort through some stuff and guess what I found?

Poetry. Pure, tweenage, distraught, poetry. Oh yeah. This is happening. AND I took a much needed walk into some fresh air to a thrift store today and bought some Stephen King books for 25 cents a pop, including the new Joyland! Whoohoo!

Here are some pictures of my week:

IMG_2665 IMG_2692 IMG_2705

Pretty ginger beauty right? These “selfies”, contrary to what is happening on Facebook lately, are not for breast cancer awareness or to show off my impeccable make up-less face to raise money. This is me being just plain old laughing at myself because I look insane.

What’s next? Oh right, I started a store on Etsy. There will be new stuff to come on there, but if you are looking for some dish clothes and pillowcases, feel free to order some! Look for DerangedLibrarian and you’ll find me (once again looking like a dork).

Are you ready? Are you now ready for our new segment: Shitty Things I Wrote In High School.

Please note I was insanely melodramatic when it came to poetry. Also. Go right ahead and judge me haha.

“Falling to Pieces:

Falling to pieces

All by myself

Falling to pieces

I put my heart on a shelf,

Try not to look at it as you walk by

Try not to look as I sit and cry.

Falling to pieces

All by myself. ”

A poem, by 14 year old, Allison Abate, DDS.

You’re welcome. Please feel free to submit your own shitty poetry or writing. Hell, if you have paintings, diary entries, or short films that you are still laughing at your seriousness over the topic, send them on over!

Constant vigilance.

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