Artemis Fowl–Eoin Colfer

I love reading children’s books, that may sound weird because I tend to read them without my little cousins present. But some of them are really just a good laugh and an easy read when I need it. Plus I really love finding out if the books have a good moral story or are appropriate for my little cousins.

This book had been on my shelf for awhile for my little cousin Malcolm, and I believe I did send it to him for Christmas, but even so, I didn’t really enjoy it. It was a weird perspective of the book, it was from that of a criminal genius child who was trying to exploit fairy magic. It was interesting because I’ve never read a kids book from the viewpoint of the villain. But at the same time I wasn’t sure that my cousins (and kids) would even realize that this sassy kid with a ton of money and power WAS the villain in this book.

It was well written at the very least, but I felt like my brow was furrowed the entire book because I just couldn’t see myself really wanting my cousins to read this book. But it was popular so I thought that maybe Mac would get something different from it than I did. Even so, I sent him Tom Sawyer, Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood and more books home for his birthday so he would have some good role models.

Sort of. Haha, Robin Hood is still a thief, Sherlock is a drug addict, and wasn’t Tom Sawyer the kid who tricked people a lot? I should reread that one.

Constant vigilance.

2 thoughts on “Artemis Fowl–Eoin Colfer

  1. I think your little cousin would love the Artemis Fowl. I love reading children’s book too. Honestly, when people say it’s childish to watch Disney or read books for children I kind of want to slap them in their face :DDDD + that after all it’s adults who write them.

    Fun point on Sherlock, Robin Hood and Tom Sawyer

    • I think he will too, I’m just worried he’ll like the side of evil more than the good and think it’s funny to be a jerk! I love watching Disney movies and reading kids stuff too, sometimes it’s just lovely to not have to read about sex or drugs or anything that’s really hardcore and dark. It’s nice that the only problems they have are somewhat small compared to adult books and I like the break it gives me from worrying about the characters.

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