Do You Ever…

…Find notes to yourself from when you are half asleep? Well, I write those to myself all the time because the biggest lie I tell myself is: I’ll remember that, I don’t need to write that down. If I don’t write it down I forget it. Funny thing is, sometimes I write the thing down and forget it anyway. Which is where I find weird notes to myself on my phone, in notebooks, and on scrap pieces of paper that are then used as a bookmark or tucked away in a diary.

Instead of my humiliating poetry from my teenage years I thought that I would have a Throwback Thursday that’s far more recent and a lot less cringe-worthy. Here are a few excerpts from my cell phones note memory (some I was half asleep for, some I was fully awake and just thinking, if you guess which is which and are right I’ll send you a bookmark I made haha) Here we go :

“I imagine my shell is like Iron Mans suit. I step in and out of it easily.”

“I know what will take me. I’ve known it all my life. I’ve always been forgetful, but I know that piece by piece things I’ve always known will leave me. It will steal the last parts of me one by one until it’s satisfied. Then I’ll be gone forever. And I won’t ever make it back.”

“Lunar cycles.”

“Amy with an angel in her eye.”

“No one is too old, too fat, too ugly, or too damaged for love. So don’t you dare insult my intelligence with that nonsense.”

“The immediate call for a characters death when they kick a dog.”

“An adventure in space and time.”

” “Women’s bodies are meant for only two things. One of which is giving birth.” He said decisively. She up and slapped him, everyone in the room gasped with shock. “Oh I’m sorry. I was under the impression we were acting like animals.” She said simply, sitting back down.”

“Who, me?”

“Renaissance soul.”

“The hardest thing to do in life is to ask without shame and to do without looking.”

“I’ve come to realize why I’m so forgetful. Why I don’t remember details of my everyday life. It’s because I read and write. I step in and out of at least two different worlds a day, somewhat seamlessly. So when I don’t remember what I ate for breakfast, or old classmates names, it’s not because it doesn’t matter. It’s just because I’m continuously jumping from one world to the next. In a way…I’m a Time Lord.”

“The beard brings power.”

These are all individually written notes marked over the last couple of years. Some I genuinely have no idea where it came from or what I even meant. Some are things that are going to be put into books later on but do not have a place right now. At one point or another they were important enough to write down. Especially the beard thing. That might be a quote from my brother…or my piano teacher…or someone talking to me in a dream. I have no idea, I end up talking about beards a lot, but it’s still hilarious.

Have a Happy Easter from me and the evil spawn the Rabbit Queen. Doomsday may not be bringing me candy, but she is just as sweet.

Constant vigilance!

Enjoy this random picture of me and two of my sisters meeting Peter Pan. And yes, we’re standing the same way, and yes I stand like him on purpose all the time. And yes, he sniffed my hair.



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