Keep Moving Forward

Dear Scale:

I can no longer be your friend. You were fun while I watched my weight decline and we laughed together about how my beautiful body was becoming even more beautiful and strong.

But you’ve turned on me recently and I can no longer support our friendship as you have made me into a junky. I feel like every thirty minutes I’m hopping on and trying to see if I have somehow magically lost 30 pounds in the last half hour. Newflash: I haven’t.

I feel like you have been mocking me lately as my weight increases and have been making me feel like my beautiful body, which I am so grateful for, is ugly and heavy and I just won’t have that.

I will be turning instead to my old pal the measuring tape because she always tells me that I’ve gained muscle and can kick down doors (figuratively and literally) and has always made me proud of my progress and myself. You have become that friend who always laughs and says they are so fat with your twig legs and flat abs while I stand armoured in my fat walls and cellulite lit hallways.

You have turned a positive into a negative as I stand before you. And I love myself enough to say goodbye. We had fun while it lasted, and maybe someday we can be friends again. But while I head into the 180s as I sculpt myself some muscle and changing my rear from a butt to an ass, I have to say ‘sayonara’.

Keep moving forward.


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