A Complicated Kindness–Miriam Toews

I loved this book. It was so well written and beautiful and sad and just everything, you know? It immediately made me a fan of Miriam Toews and I’ve had it on my shelf for years because my sister had been telling me it was one of her favourite books and it reminded her of one of her favourite people whenever she saw it on her shelf.

And finally after all this time I read it. It was worth the wait because it was just so lovely that if I had read it when she told me to I wouldn’t have been mature enough to appreciate it. Back then (I’m talking like six years ago I think) I was all (cringe, cringe) Twilight and romance novels up the ying yang. Sure I read some lovelies, but I wasn’t developmentally ready for this book. I was too far-gone in school and trying to figure out life. (I still haven’t.)

It’s about a girl called Nomi Nickels who lives in a Mennonite community and her family is torn apart by it. She lives with her odd duck of a father after her mother and sister have left the family and town never to return.

I can’t even tell you how much I just genuinely liked this book. Cover to cover, inch by inch, it was interesting. Definitely add it to your list.

Constant vigilance.


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