Strange Visitor–By Cassandra

On Hallowe’en night, I opened the door, and the first thing I saw (or didn’t see) was a missing left arm. The remaining limb hanging loosely at his side, blood dripping off it. Then a white shirt covered in blood, molded into his bald head, was his left arm. He was missing an eye, he smiled a toothless smile, and there tied to his tongue was his eyeball. He was missing two fingers on his right hand, they were sewn into his nostrils. He had huge scars all over his face, one is in the shape of a happy face. His nose with finger in each nostril is not in place, it’s on his left cheek beside a half ear.

He is barefooted and missing toes, but they’ve been glued to his knees. And he has strange green spots all over his legs and a hole through his stomach with a cat sleeping happily inside.

And the only thing he said was “Trick or Treat”.

The End.

By my older sister Cassandra when she was in elementary school. (Likely 3rd or 4th grade judging by the freshly learned cursive.)

Worth the wait? Haha

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