The Kite Runner–Khaled Hosseini

This book made me hate online dating. Now I know what you are thinking “What in the HELL does The Kite Runner have to do with online dating?”. Nothing. Nothing at all. There isn’t online dating in the book AT ALL. BUT, I was in one of my weird ‘Boohoo I don’t have a boyfriend’ jags so I thought that it was a good idea to try online dating again since meeting people in person with my Bitchy Resting Face Syndrome isn’t helping me at all.

Again, what does one have to do with the other? Well, I was reading this during that point and I end up talking to guys about books since I make a point of writing:

“If you don’t read, don’t bother.”

Because I also have Bitchy Writing Face.

So I’m just sitting here (well, in Vancouver) reading this book and thinking how wonderful it is and sweet and these kids are such cute friends and how Hassan is amazing (and the fact that I remember his name after I read this book MONTHS ago speaks volumes since I can barely remember my own name half the damn time) and a sweetheart and I want to put them both in my pocket.

Fool of a Took that I am, I mentioned to this one guy that I was casually talking to for a day and a half, that I was reading The Kite Runner and he IMMEDIATELY drops a huge spoiler!

Obviously I’m not going to tell you what it is. But can you imagine a perfect stranger just BOOM. Here’s what happened to the kids and changes the entire tone of the book for every reader.

I deleted every single online dating account I had and I haven’t been back since. You don’t just do that to a person! That’s the rudest thing anyone can do to an avid reader! Especially on a book where you’ve told the person you haven’t heard anything about it and are excited to read it because it’s been on your reading list for years.

He’s just lucky he wasn’t in the room with me because I would’ve thrown a lamp at his head.

Although, I guess if I didn’t beat the holy crap out of my cousin for spoiling Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince then I wouldn’t bludgeon a complete stranger.

Spoilers are a no-no in my world and I would rather be alone with my books forever than be with someone who thinks that is okay.


….I should probably mention that this book is amazing and interesting in how it flips on you and that you should add it to your reading list because it was infuriating (not just because of the spoilers) and sickening and made me so mad I threw it across the room and sobbed and so happy and just every extreme emotion at some point while I read it. When you are done, message me and we can cry about it together.

Kite Runner

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