The Great Stone House by Allison Abate

This is the legend of the Great Stone House…

It all started in the Viking age when a great viking ruled over the Eskimo’s village. He was so mean that the Eskimos were scared and so were his men but yet they stayed with fear for their lives. When the king Viking died they buried him in the stone house. Even though he died they still stayed away as if the spirit of the king Viking was still there. Now no one knows what happened to the guards because after they buried him they never came back out. Some people say the spirit killed them and some say they stayed still in fear for their lives. If I were one of those soldiers I wouldn’t be scared for my life. I would have been happy if he was dead because I would be free.

The Great Stone House Legend. By 8th Grade Allison Abate

Okay… Now I have no idea if this was a book that I read when I was 12 and did a report on or if I made this up myself. Either way, I have no clue if Viking’s tried to rule over Eskimos or what haha. I just enjoy the end sentence. As typical for myself at that age (and younger) I go a little dark and vengeful. Like fuck that viking king, I’m glad he’s dead. Haha

Just so you know,  got a L3 on it with a ‘Good!” written beside it.


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