Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore–Robin Sloan

I’m not sure what to say about this book. I’ve been reading it over the span of a few weeks, so eventually I was just kind of bored with reading the same book for that long. It’s no Game of Thrones where so much is happening that it’s like reading 12 books in one and I could easily just keep going with it. Although I stopped reading Clash of Kings just so I could take a breather from everything. A girl can only take so much murder, mayhem, and well, incest.

This book is about a bookstore where weird things are happening, the clerk, Clay, has been sitting alone on the night shift of a store with practically no paying customers but with only a small group of people that use it as a library. They pop in and out at random times and are all quite odd. He has to mark down their appearances and which books they take and the overall atmosphere of the store when they are in there.

He has to solve the mystery of this store and what all the patrons are doing. He has to use the power of books, his brain, and new technology.

Sounds very interesting right?

It could’ve just been that I wasn’t in the mood to read it anymore, or that I did find some of it slightly juvenile. (Ie. That the code was in a series of books he read as a 6th grader.) Or maybe that I just didn’t really identify with Clay Jannon very much because he seemed to be under the impression that because your friend becomes a millionaire that you are entitled to their money because you have been their friend since you were kids. Or that the when they broke the code it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. It was a lovely sentiment, but nonetheless I felt a bit like Kat where I felt a little let down.

Read it in one sitting, it’s a good book, but I doubt I’d read it again.


Once Upon a Time…

“And as you sleep, I lie awake, and

watch the world go by.

It sits and stirs and sleeps and

wakes, just like a little bird.

The night calls to me, and oh so

slowly, I follow in its wake.

But light calls to me, runs right

through me and I stay awake all


I watch you rest, I breathe you in,

and nothing ever changes.

My love for you, it too runs through,

and there’s nothing to do about it.

I like awake, I wait through time, I sit

and stare some more.

But the dark comes swiftly, without

me seeing, and I am never more.”


Ah poetry, you fickle bitch. That’s a poem by yours truly, I like parts of it, not the worst of the worst, but it will never be my forte.

Send me some of your bad poetry, shit you wrote in high school, or bad writing to me at!

Constant vigilance!

The Dinner–Herman Koch

This book is about two brothers and their families. The two brothers and their wives gather for dinner in a fancy pants restaurant to discuss an issue that arises with their sons.

The writing was good even though it was translated (kudos to whoever did that without making it sound stilted and odd) from Dutch and the story was intriguing enough to keep me reading.

However (potential spoilers ahead) there were certain parts that I was extremely annoyed with. Like when an author decides that he’s not going to let the main character tell us some things because they aren’t crucial and they wouldn’t make a difference but then talk about how it got him fired from his job, or not tell you what made his wife sick, or what mental disadvantage (or neurosis) he has and might be passing onto his son while a doctor tells him that if they had amniotic testing back in the day his parents likely would’ve aborted him.

Don’t line it up without hitting it, you know? Just tell me! That’s your job as a writer. It’s your job to tell the WHOLE story. Sure, you can be mysterious and withholding at points, hello, it’s called foreshadowing. But don’t leave things out just to annoy someone without the end result of actually telling the audience what you were foreshadowing!

What in the hell Herman!

Overall, this book was good, quick read, but I don’t think I’d read it again in the future. Gave me some things to mull over (ie. What would I do if my future children accidentally murdered a homeless woman.).


Keep Moving Forward

Dear Scale:

Let’s try this break up again, shall we? This time around has been sort of lovely actually, instead of crying on you about how fat and hideous I am I just laugh at the weight gain because I know it’s muscle. I know that I’m not getting fatter. I can see the changes in the lines of my arms, the muscles on my legs, and the lovely lovely lift of my ass.

But here’s the thing: you are still an obsession. You are still a bad boyfriend. When I stand on you I still get a little discouraged because part of me wants to be that waif of a girl with no boobs that a man can pick up like she weighs nothing instead of the She-Hulk I am turning into that can lift a 25 pound baby like he’s nothing. (That’s handy though since he’s a snuggle butt and loves it.)

As I work out more and actually push myself I think about a lot of things, not one of them has to do with you. The reasons I’m working on my body have nothing to do with losing weight or being able to stand on a scale and think ‘Finally, I’m 135 pounds. Right where I should be. Skeletor central.” (Because that’s what I look like anything below the 145 region. And I know it, and that’s creepy to me. Bite me BMI, you don’t know my body.)

The images that come to mind are more of the kicking down doors with a single kick, and lifting a couch, or having a guy lift me against a wall like Ryan Gosling does to Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. (For the record I’d like to state that Kristofer Hivju [Tormund Giantsbane in GoT] is my current dreamboat warrior man that I imagine is picking me up. That guy is intensely attractive on all scales.) Good images of having a body that is a force to be reckoned with, not one that is ballerina tiny. Papa isn’t built to be a teeny tiny. Just not.

So why do I stand on you sometimes every single day? Probably because one day I’m hoping you’ll say:

You are kind. You are smart. You are important. Your weight doesn’t matter. You are strength. You are fire.

I’m going to take that fire and hold onto my measuring tape, once again, and quit you like others need to quit smoking.

Once again, bon débarras vous vieux bâtard.

Keep moving forward. Preferably to a place where you can climb hot gingers like a tree.



Wild Orchid–Jude Deveraux

I feel like at this point I should just copy and paste my conversations on these books with my friend because even after reading the back jacket of this book (and actually reading it months ago) I still don’t remember what it’s about and I think that our texts would better provide me with information on if I was enjoying it or not when I read it.

Run on sentence much?

So. This writer guys wife dies, he then seeks to hire an assistant. After going through several dimwitted assistants he meets Jackie Maxwell who is a sass attack of a woman.

OH YES! I remember now. She has vapid friends who are annoying and she tries to stop her prettily crying friend with a story and this guy hears her and tries to get her to work for him and she keeps turning him down and then eventually takes the job after running away from her wedding and they go to North Carolina and she helps him write a book while researching whether or not some story this lady heard somewhere was true about somebody falling in love with the devil himself and she discovers her roots and all this hoopla. It was a good book! I liked it!

Supernatural elements, funny dialogue, and (as always) great love stories.

Add it to your romance shelf because even if you are like me and don’t remember it later, at the time, it’s a really sweet story for the week.


Keep Moving Forward

I realize I’ve been a little M.I.A. since I got my laser eye surgery and a new job this week. Now I’m back and ready to work!

Here are the highlights from the last two weeks:

Laser surgery went really well, scary as all hell and I don’t think I would ever do it again. As I’ve said a million times: It was very overwhelming. Not to mention you can smell burning, not to put anyone off getting their eyes set on fire, but to each their own, the smell really made me panic. Luckily for me I had thought ahead to what I wanted in the room if I WERE to panic. My first thought naturally goes to my stuffed Winnie the Pooh since he’s generally my security blanket, but since he’s too big that it’s embarrassing for a 27 year old to carry around I opted for a teeny tiny piece of Lego. In the shape of Dobby. That’s right, I held an itty bitty Dobby in my hand while they chopped up my eye ball, and he really helped.

Let’s see, I’ve read a bunch of books, I just finished reading A Storm of Swords! I feel like I’ve been reading this series since the dawning of time, which I guess I have since I started them in January again. But yay! New stuff to read now so that’ll be more exciting than the review I was doing of them.

I get to be the nanny to my baby cousin Henry and come July Violet and Malcolm will be joining us which should be a complete and utter …can I say “shit show” when I’m talking about kids? So far all I have to do is keep the baby fed and clean and the house in a similar condition as to how my cousin left it. Which isn’t hard since she’s a neat freak. I actually feel pretty useless, so anyone with interesting ideas on games to play with a toddler feel free to send them my way! Right now I’m reading A Feast For Crows out loud to him while he plays on the floor just so I’m talking to him so his speech develops soon. (Yes, I’m skipping over the curse words and sex scenes.)

What else? Hm…soon I will be seeing Hawksley Workmans ‘The God That Comes’ one man show again! I can’t wait! And going to a food festival and hanging with some new people, hopefully I can start my lessons again once I get some cash in the bank, and enjoy my summer of madness with my cousins and the wedding hoopla that’s all forthcoming. (One bridal shower down!)

So this is me moving forward, having a great time and enjoying life!

Although being without glasses is still kind of weird, I keep almost poking myself in the eye because I go to adjust my glasses. I guess I’m still new to this and it’ll be less likely in the future. Either way, they’ll be on stand by for hanging out with children.

Summer! Keep moving forward kittens!

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy–Douglas Adams

I’m a Grade A Dummy. I was maybe halfway through this book when I decided that I would watch the movie to compare…while reading the book. I don’t know what in the world possessed me to think this was a good idea, but I did.

I broke my own Book Code. I can’t believe it. I’m ashamed of myself.

Because, like The Princess Bride, the movie was exactly like the book. So after I finished watching the damn movie I was left reading this book which was just a slower version of watching it and I was so mad at myself for doing that that I couldn’t really enjoy or appreciate it.

On the other hand, it was also a brilliant book and I’m happy to say that my mother (or brother?) has the books here at home so I can keep going with the rest.

Read, read, read, and THEN watch the movie if you are so inclined.

And no, I’m not giving you a synopsis since I figure you’ve heard of it.

Constant vigilance.


The Fault in Our Stars–John Green

I’m obsessed with Pinterest. I make random things from it all the time (ie. Rugs from old t-shirts and hula hoops, fabric flowers, dishcloths, cross stitch patterns, etc.) and I usually lay in bed before I start my day scrolling through the Humour section because I like to start my day with a good laugh.

What does this have to do with John Green? Pinterest was how I was first introduced to him. There are always amazing quotes from him in the humour section about him being a banana and only certain things make him into an angry squid of madness. All very confusing and weird things, so one day I looked him up online after seeing his name.

Turned out he is a Vlogger with his brother Hank and they are comedic geniuses. Their videos are hilarious and I often find myself watching them and pinning things they’ve said and finally, FINALLY, I read his book. (Once I found out he had one, and as it turns out, a bunch, of course.)

The Fault in Our Stars, as I’m sure you’ve heard of by now because they are making a movie, is about a girl named Hazel with a tumour. It’s a tragic coming of age story with love, loss and cancers of all kinds and it’s meant for teenagers apparently but I think everyone of all ages should read it. It was wonderfully written and my kind of dark comedy and exactly how I would be if this were happening to me.

I laughed really hard, I cried really hard, I was shocked and dismayed and this kept up my streak of amazing books to read and I can’t wait to read the rest of his.

I spent hours trying to figure out how to get them off of my little sisters Kindle onto mine legally (sort of), so if anyone knows how to do that, tell me! I need to read all of his books! And I’m poooooor!

Help me Nerdfighters!The_Fault_in_Our_Stars