The Fault in Our Stars–John Green

I’m obsessed with Pinterest. I make random things from it all the time (ie. Rugs from old t-shirts and hula hoops, fabric flowers, dishcloths, cross stitch patterns, etc.) and I usually lay in bed before I start my day scrolling through the Humour section because I like to start my day with a good laugh.

What does this have to do with John Green? Pinterest was how I was first introduced to him. There are always amazing quotes from him in the humour section about him being a banana and only certain things make him into an angry squid of madness. All very confusing and weird things, so one day I looked him up online after seeing his name.

Turned out he is a Vlogger with his brother Hank and they are comedic geniuses. Their videos are hilarious and I often find myself watching them and pinning things they’ve said and finally, FINALLY, I read his book. (Once I found out he had one, and as it turns out, a bunch, of course.)

The Fault in Our Stars, as I’m sure you’ve heard of by now because they are making a movie, is about a girl named Hazel with a tumour. It’s a tragic coming of age story with love, loss and cancers of all kinds and it’s meant for teenagers apparently but I think everyone of all ages should read it. It was wonderfully written and my kind of dark comedy and exactly how I would be if this were happening to me.

I laughed really hard, I cried really hard, I was shocked and dismayed and this kept up my streak of amazing books to read and I can’t wait to read the rest of his.

I spent hours trying to figure out how to get them off of my little sisters Kindle onto mine legally (sort of), so if anyone knows how to do that, tell me! I need to read all of his books! And I’m poooooor!

Help me Nerdfighters!The_Fault_in_Our_Stars

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