Keep Moving Forward

I realize I’ve been a little M.I.A. since I got my laser eye surgery and a new job this week. Now I’m back and ready to work!

Here are the highlights from the last two weeks:

Laser surgery went really well, scary as all hell and I don’t think I would ever do it again. As I’ve said a million times: It was very overwhelming. Not to mention you can smell burning, not to put anyone off getting their eyes set on fire, but to each their own, the smell really made me panic. Luckily for me I had thought ahead to what I wanted in the room if I WERE to panic. My first thought naturally goes to my stuffed Winnie the Pooh since he’s generally my security blanket, but since he’s too big that it’s embarrassing for a 27 year old to carry around I opted for a teeny tiny piece of Lego. In the shape of Dobby. That’s right, I held an itty bitty Dobby in my hand while they chopped up my eye ball, and he really helped.

Let’s see, I’ve read a bunch of books, I just finished reading A Storm of Swords! I feel like I’ve been reading this series since the dawning of time, which I guess I have since I started them in January again. But yay! New stuff to read now so that’ll be more exciting than the review I was doing of them.

I get to be the nanny to my baby cousin Henry and come July Violet and Malcolm will be joining us which should be a complete and utter …can I say “shit show” when I’m talking about kids? So far all I have to do is keep the baby fed and clean and the house in a similar condition as to how my cousin left it. Which isn’t hard since she’s a neat freak. I actually feel pretty useless, so anyone with interesting ideas on games to play with a toddler feel free to send them my way! Right now I’m reading A Feast For Crows out loud to him while he plays on the floor just so I’m talking to him so his speech develops soon. (Yes, I’m skipping over the curse words and sex scenes.)

What else? Hm…soon I will be seeing Hawksley Workmans ‘The God That Comes’ one man show again! I can’t wait! And going to a food festival and hanging with some new people, hopefully I can start my lessons again once I get some cash in the bank, and enjoy my summer of madness with my cousins and the wedding hoopla that’s all forthcoming. (One bridal shower down!)

So this is me moving forward, having a great time and enjoying life!

Although being without glasses is still kind of weird, I keep almost poking myself in the eye because I go to adjust my glasses. I guess I’m still new to this and it’ll be less likely in the future. Either way, they’ll be on stand by for hanging out with children.

Summer! Keep moving forward kittens!

3 thoughts on “Keep Moving Forward

    1. Thank you so much! It’s been so great! I have time to write and SOMETHING to write about! 🙂 I could do without all the snot this kid is producing right now, but we kind of got each other sick, so it’s partly my fault haha.

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