Wild Orchid–Jude Deveraux

I feel like at this point I should just copy and paste my conversations on these books with my friend because even after reading the back jacket of this book (and actually reading it months ago) I still don’t remember what it’s about and I think that our texts would better provide me with information on if I was enjoying it or not when I read it.

Run on sentence much?

So. This writer guys wife dies, he then seeks to hire an assistant. After going through several dimwitted assistants he meets Jackie Maxwell who is a sass attack of a woman.

OH YES! I remember now. She has vapid friends who are annoying and she tries to stop her prettily crying friend with a story and this guy hears her and tries to get her to work for him and she keeps turning him down and then eventually takes the job after running away from her wedding and they go to North Carolina and she helps him write a book while researching whether or not some story this lady heard somewhere was true about somebody falling in love with the devil himself and she discovers her roots and all this hoopla. It was a good book! I liked it!

Supernatural elements, funny dialogue, and (as always) great love stories.

Add it to your romance shelf because even if you are like me and don’t remember it later, at the time, it’s a really sweet story for the week.


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