Once Upon a Time…

“And as you sleep, I lie awake, and

watch the world go by.

It sits and stirs and sleeps and

wakes, just like a little bird.

The night calls to me, and oh so

slowly, I follow in its wake.

But light calls to me, runs right

through me and I stay awake all


I watch you rest, I breathe you in,

and nothing ever changes.

My love for you, it too runs through,

and there’s nothing to do about it.

I like awake, I wait through time, I sit

and stare some more.

But the dark comes swiftly, without

me seeing, and I am never more.”


Ah poetry, you fickle bitch. That’s a poem by yours truly, I like parts of it, not the worst of the worst, but it will never be my forte.

Send me some of your bad poetry, shit you wrote in high school, or bad writing to me at derangedlibrarian@gmail.com!

Constant vigilance!

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