So i’ve been a little M.I.A. this past little bit with zero explanation. Truth be told, I needed a break from remembering things. It’s been a crazy month and there were 75 million things I needed to keep track of and remember for weddings, festivals, and expos. My cousin granted me a week and a bit off (as her family was going on vacation thankfully around Fan Expo weekend so I could bail on my duties around everything involving real life.) and I used that time to relax and read and get no where in Dance With Dragons, but have managed to do some pretty epic things.

Like seeing two of my friends get married (another gorgeous bride and a groom who looked so ridiculously happy to see her, it was so beautiful.) and going to Fan Expo in Toronto. Which is both my heaven and my hell.

Heaven in the respect that I met Nathan Fillion, Stan Lee, Matt Smith and the love of my life, Arthur Darvill. It was amazing and I can’t even begin to describe how giddy it made me to see them all. (Especially Arthur. There’s nothing like your celebrity crush opening his arms up to you beckoning you forth to snuggle in for a picture. Which my sister took total advantage of and got right on in to Matt Smiths chest. It’s hilarious.)

     My Hell in the fact that they over sold the convention and we were smelly sardines for most of the weekend. I really hated Saturday. So much so that I started throwing elbows without realizing it. And then when I did realize it, I kept throwing elbows because Papa needs her space. And time. Haw haw.

Anyway, it was magical and I would totally do it again as long as there are people like Matt, Nathan, and Arthur there to hug.

So, I’m back. From outer space. Time and space.

Constant vigilance.

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