Wifey–Judy Blume

‘Wifey’ is based in the 60s, which I had no idea until I started reading and was like whoa what in the mother, why is everyone hating on black people so hard?! What sort of community is this?!

The hatin’ kind. That’s who.

So after reacclimatizing myself to reading about the racism in the 60s instead of just about a housewife who is bored, I managed to zip through this book pretty easily.

The woman in this is in fact a housewife who is bored and is searching for ways to get out of being bored and then you are reading about her fantasies and sometimes exploits as she tries to sort out her life.

I was on board with this book for awhile, I like Judy Blume and I could make jokes about how she taught me how to be a girl (read: Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret) and how now she’s teaching me how to be a woman.

The ending was a piece of garbage though. It was one of those endings where nothing was resolved and you don’t know where the characters were going after that and just left so many unanswered questions.

Does she leave her husband? Who gave her gonorrhea? What happened to Shep and his five kids? Does she eventually pull the trigger on the gun and end her life? WHAT THE HELL JUDY BLUME!!!! WHAT THE HELL.

So yeah. There’s that. Read it, it was a good book, but don’t say I didn’t warn you about the ending.


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