Storm Front–Jim Butcher

My brother suggested this series, saying that I would love this guy just from his sheer sassy wit. He was right. Unlike most novels about wizards or magical lands, this one is a cut below (that’s right, I said “below” and meant it as a compliment) and actually makes me feel that I know thisContinue reading “Storm Front–Jim Butcher”

Keep Moving Forward: Swirling Vortex of Terror

The Swirling Vortex of Terror: Aka: Being an adult. Having a “real” job. Living the life I want. How does a flaky anxious indecisive nerdling like myself choose how to do all of these things? Simple: I don’t. I’ve been living in my parents house since my last foray into the wild world of beingContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward: Swirling Vortex of Terror”

The Antagonist–Lynn Coady

I’m finding that I’m reading a lot of books lately that are suggestions from another person. I’ve been reading these in all the in-betweens when I needed a break from Dance With Dragons and this one was top notch. It was written in a very interesting way but it didn’t lose its story telling orContinue reading “The Antagonist–Lynn Coady”