The Antagonist–Lynn Coady

I’m finding that I’m reading a lot of books lately that are suggestions from another person. I’ve been reading these in all the in-betweens when I needed a break from Dance With Dragons and this one was top notch.

It was written in a very interesting way but it didn’t lose its story telling or take you out of the book.

The whole thing is written in email format to an old college friend of Ranks who had written a book about his life. (Rank’s that is) And Rank is pissed. So he decides to write his own book via email to his old friend. It’s a curious way of writing a book but I really enjoyed it. I felt on Rank’s side, but also saw what a brute he could be and the way she wrote this is so cool because it’s exactly like what writing an email is like and how a person’s thought process jumps back and forth.

Definitely read this one, it was cool just for the way the story was told.

Constant vigilance.


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