Storm Front–Jim Butcher

My brother suggested this series, saying that I would love this guy just from his sheer sassy wit. He was right.

Unlike most novels about wizards or magical lands, this one is a cut below (that’s right, I said “below” and meant it as a compliment) and actually makes me feel that I know this person. He doesn’t completely have his life together, he’s not the best at what he does, but he keeps trying (Keep Moving Forward: Wizard Edition. Hello.) and he does the best he can with the tools he has.

Even if that means he has to fight a demon naked.

I say ‘cut below’ because it takes place in our time, our land, and it doesn’t involved secret languages that we skip over because we don’t understand them. That doesn’t mean I think this novel is less than what it deserves, I enjoyed the hell out of it because I didn’t have to read through a bunch of mystical nonsense. I didn’t have to read through page upon pages of descriptions about the same tree. I didn’t have to read about the knots in the wood of a bar and want to stab myself in the eye. (I’m looking at you G.R.R. Martin.)

Hell, one of his potions has tequila in it. I just mean that it wouldn’t have taken this guy 20 years to write one book, and kudos to him because it was just as wonderful and quick witted.

I definitely relate to Harry Dresden, struggling to make ends meet, trying and failing at having a dating life, and his fighting skills are sort of lacking, but nonetheless hilarious. At one point he throws a film canister at a demon just to throw it off his game.

Sometimes no magic is involved and it’s so funny.

Read it fellow wizards, you’ll enjoy it.

Constant vigilance.


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