Industrial Magic–Kelley Armstrong

Back with Paige Winterbourne, Lucas Cortez, and Savannah Levine, we are fighting Cabal red tape, an unknown serial killer, and the mystery of what the Hell Lucas is talking about half the time. That man loves his legal jargon.

Lucas, the rogue son of a Cabal leader, is trying to stay out of his fathers problems as much as he can. His girlfriend on the other hand, can’t help but get involved when it’s found that a young run away witch was one of the Cabal kids that this serial killer has targeted and tried to kill.

Battles ensue.

And this book is just a reminder that sweet sounding, fatherly Benecio Cortez, while using bodyguards and others to do his dirty work, is one bad ass mother fucker.

Nobody messes with his kids.

Constant vigilance!


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