Happy Holidays

Hello Little Ducks,

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have been M.I.A. on here but not on the likes of other social media (I am addicted of course, so I can’t fully stop pinning even when…you’ll find out.) this week.

The reason being that if I put a laptop on me it would likely have been thrown across the room in my bid to get to a garbage can, porcelain pony, or…well, the bath mat.

My insides decided they wanted to evacuate through my mouth portal which has led me to being away but not gone.

So, on this note of absenteeism, I’m going to do myself a solid (because I’m selfish at Christmas haw haw) and take a mini-hiatus until the New Year. This way I can hang with my cousins, make things that hopefully won’t make other people throw up, and in general watch idiotic Christmas movies with my siblings while pretending that I like the Candy Cane liquer we’re drinking.

Happy Christmas and various holidays, be good, have fun, be kind to yourselves, and most of be safe.

Love and light.

Constant vigilance.


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