Before I Restart

Before I start things over again with the whole writing and posting and general rabble-rousing that I consider my website, I would like to give a proper shout out to Heather, my old friend and now Reiki healer.

We haven’t physically seen each other since high school (hello, ten years ago, oh my god.) but she still feels like a pal and I’m so happy that I can communicate with her via Fbook, email, and super energy vibes from across the land.

She’s one of the only people who doesn’t make fun of me for being a bit of a gypsy hippy when it comes to energy and chakras and all that jazz, so she deserves a proper horn tooting post. (Especially considering she alleviated my lung pain from 160 km away with her soul.)

If you are looking for some love and light in your life here is her information to get started! 

Healing, love and light.


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