4 thoughts on “True Story Tuesday

  1. Hahaha I love it!!!!! Before self-love, I was all “I wish i didn’t swear so much, it’s not classy, I sound like a trucker…” etc…. but once I cleared all the mind chatter and opinions that were not my own, and realized that I can do whatever the FUCK I want, because I am conscious and not attributing negative energy to those words…. I realized life was super awesome indeed. #FoundALoophole

    1. Haha exactly! Other peoples opinions are clattering around in my brain all the time, it’s a wonder I can get anything done. THOSE are the voices that are putting me in a box I don’t want to be in, and sadly, the voices I listen to the most.

      I believe I can do anything. And I can do it with class. And I can still be classy while saying ‘Fuck’. haha

      1. HELL YES you can! hahaha see, I am a spiritual being and I just said HELL lolllll oh no I better watch out for that wheel of karma…. 😉 #SpreadingLoveAndLightAndSwearWords #ILoveMyselfBitch

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