Living With the Dead–Kelley Armstrong

I’m a little late with things this week but here is “Living with the Dead”‘s review:

This was a weird turn of events.

Robyn Peltier, the lead of the book, is human.

Obviously I’m used to reading a K.A. book where the lead is a supernatural, but this was an interesting twist as you try to see how a human is seeing what is happening and how they write things off not as being supernatural, but that they must (they must) have a logical explanation for what just happened.

Robyn Peltier is accidentally involved in the murder investigation of a C-List celebrity who she is the PR rep for. “Accidentally” in that the cops think she did it.

However, there is more at play here, and I’ll be completely honest, this is my least favourite of the series but not because it wasn’t fantastic writing, great characters, or a great plot.

There is an “ick” factor to this one that you’ll see when you read it and I just can’t get over it.

Hope is back to help out her friend, as well as a begrudging Karl Marsten, there are clairvoyants, werewolves, chaos demons, necromancers, and ghooooOooosts involved in this one. And it was wonderful.


Constant vigilance.

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