Keep Moving Forward–Diet Bet

Hello Little Ducks:

As you all know I’ve been struggling with weight loss, which stems from a love of food so who can really blame me? Well, I have a tough time finding motivation for it, but I think I’ve finally found what will keep me moving!

Jillian Michaels is doing a DietBet where anyone who is considered passed their BMI healthy zone can enter a bet with strangers that they will lose 4% of their body weight in a month.

I’m really excited for this and just thought that I would spread the news for anyone who is looking for something to motivate them as well.

I’m not only considered obese but I’m in the category with people who are over 180 pounds trying to lose weight.

I have 7.5 pounds to go and I’m hoping to not just win back my $30 dollars that I bet on myself.

Here’s the link

Keep Moving Forward!

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