Black Wolf Blogger Award

Out of the blue I’ve been nominated for the ‘Black Wolf Blogger Award’ from a fellow blogger. Now, I don’t usually pay attention to things, so I’m not 100% sure what this is about, I’m assuming it’s to get other people to read your favourite under the radar the blogs. Help spread the word, andContinue reading “Black Wolf Blogger Award”

Keep Moving Forward: Sing it Sister.

As you know I’ve been rutting myself into my sad sackery for months and have just started to peek out from behind the Curtain of Dreading Life. And Jesus Christ I wish I had done this months ago. Out of sheer annoyance that I wasn’t getting anything done on my list of things from theContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward: Sing it Sister.”

Lord of Misrule: An Autobiography–Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is the biggest badass on the block. This guy has met so many awesome people while also being the ultimate of awesome people. He’s played everyone from Dracula to Sherlock Holmes to Saruman to Count Dooku. He does voice work; makes metal rock albums, golf’s like nobodies business, and used to do hisContinue reading “Lord of Misrule: An Autobiography–Christopher Lee”

Keep Moving Forward: Drunk Body

Hey girl, let’s talk. So you’re kind of mean when you’re sober. You’re a little harsh on your hot bod when you stand on the scale, when you put on something that used to fit, when you can’t find anything to wear, looking for something to eat, eaten something “bad”, which is why I’ve madeContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward: Drunk Body”

Good morning!

This week I launched my new Etsy store! Sounds more glamorous than it was. But now you can buy my cross stitches or just stalk me even further! Check it out at: DerangedLibrarian Order some stuff or email me about a custom, or hell, I’ll even cross stitch you a nerdy bookmark just because we’reContinue reading “Good morning!”