Erratic S.O.B.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that for the last little while things have been a little wild in the posting department.

True Stories are coming on Thursday, what happened to ‘To Say A Little Word…” on Fridays, Why is she posting pictures of hot dudes all the time? [Because. That’s my answer. Just because.] And what’s going on with her book reviews, in that, they are basically becoming nonexistent? Where are my KMFs?!?!

Stop yelling at me! Things have gotten a little mixed up around here! But things will commence at a regular pace once more next week when I post the most epic book review in the history of ever.

True Story Tuesday will no longer be posted on Wednesdays or Thursdays, KMFs will be back to regular posting on Wednesday or Thursday instead (depending on my motivational vibes.) and To Say a Little Word will be back on Fridays.

The hot man pictures are here to stay though.

AND book hunting, Deranged Duchovny, and Artie Reading Romances will come back as well!

Not to mention that I will be re-opening my Etsy store with more stuff, nerd stuff, dirty stuff, and I’ll take custom orders.

And some point in the next month I will be hosting my own YouTube channel with a segment called “Deranged DirtyBirds.” Stay tuned to find out what I’m doing!

And finally, I bought a ukulele and named it Hershel.

That has nothing to do with anything, I’m just really excited to learn the uke and tell people that I’ll be in my room practicing on Hershel. He was named Terrence, but he doesn’t look like a Terrence now that I’ve met him. Yes, I’m aware that i’m insane. To be fair, I was going to call it Norman because I want to pluck him. Heeeeyoooooo!

KMF, Constant vigilance and boy oh boys do some like it Scot.

Who’s happy as fuck that Outlander is back?!


I went to look for more pictures of him on Pinterest and went into a spiral of Jamie Fraser/Sam Heughan and forgot to come back here and actually post something.