Lord of Misrule: An Autobiography–Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is the biggest badass on the block.

This guy has met so many awesome people while also being the ultimate of awesome people.

He’s played everyone from Dracula to Sherlock Holmes to Saruman to Count Dooku. He does voice work; makes metal rock albums, golf’s like nobodies business, and used to do his own stunts. He’s 92 for Christ sake, there’s no way he’s doing that now. But if anyone could, it’s him.

Hell, he wrote this book himself and has also been married to the same woman since the 60s.

He’s been in two wars, can fly a plane, and the list of amazing deeds just continues.

Errol Flynn broke his pinkie.

He was friends with Boris Karloff.

He was friends with Vincent Price.

His family was royalty. He’s met the Queen of England. He’s just-He’s just–He’s…

He’s so cool. And funnily enough, through all these bad ass deeds, friendships, and life changing experiences, he’s remained relatable.

Like if I met him, after I get over the initial fangirl bell ringing gaga whoopideewhoo, I would be able to actually hold a conversation with him and be like ‘Damn, Saruman is so cool.” And then I would take up golf just to hang out with him and then ask him to break MY pinky.

…I think if I ever met him the fangirling would never cease actually.

And to top it all off, his relationship stuff is hilariously virginal and I felt like he knows me and wrote this book for me.

I love him. I don’t know if I was getting that point across.

Read this book if you’re a big fan, read it even if you’re not because it’ll make you fall in love with him.

That is if you don’t mind reading all about how much a person loves golf. Because there’s a good deal of that in the book.

Constant vigilance.


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