Next Week

Hey guys,

So next week I’m going to be talking about a handful of things that are really important to know and live with.

A topic came up last night in my piano lesson that I think is really, really, important to me and possibly a lot of you. Not the piano. But life stuff.

Next week should be far more interesting than this week because not only will I not be spending all my time cross stitching or making pies, I will be writing more and debuting an awkwardly funny (at least to me) video on my YouTube channel of what happens when I read a dirty novel.

It’ll be the first of many to come, hopefully, so even though it’s rough, even though it’s ridiculously amateur and immature, I’ll still be posting it in an act of self hilarity (if that even makes sense.) and poking fun at myself.

Also next week you will get two Keep Moving Forwards that I’ve been mulling over.

So bear (bare?) with me. Great things are on the rise!

Happy Friday, Happy Mother’s Day, constant vigilance, keep moving forward, see you on the flip side.


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