Happy Monday!

Hey Little Birds!

Naturally, I’m behind on writing my book reviews, ‘Looking for Alaska’ was the last one I wrote about, but I don’t have a new one written because I have this bad habit of writing like 10 in one shot and then I don’t have to write any more for a long time and every once in awhile…like every ten weeks, I miss one because I’m like ‘Ugh! I don’t even remember reading that book or the feelings it gave me!”. SO I have to jog my memory and whatnot.

So instead, I thought that I would just update you guys on the happy happs that are going on these days.

1.) I’m happily editing my friends book (if you would like me to edit something of yours email me at derangedlibrarian@gmail.com) and it’s giving me so many feelings about feelings and life! Mainly, helping me cope with my own anxiety, self love, and forgiveness of treating myself badly for my faults.

2) She’s asked me to write the foreword! Which is magical to me! No one has ever asked me to do something like that before! So I’m very excited about that and can’t wait to start!

3) I’m trying to throw gratefulness around like it’s confetti and I recently tossed a bunch on my singing teacher because it was her birthday and I am genuinely grateful for the confidence and help she’s given me. If I could choose someone who started the self love and confidence training, it was her. She taught me to harness my magical unicorn voice powers and to appreciate that I’ve been given the gift of a lovely voice. (I used to blush and mutter something like ‘Yeah right.” whenever she told me I had a beautiful voice. Now I blush and say ‘Thank you’. And sometimes ‘I know!’ haha.)

4) I’m thinking that every once in awhile I will make my Keep Moving Forwards into a video because sometimes instead of reading it, I think you guys need someone to genuinely yell it at you. And since my videos for this one project I was working on aren’t working out the way I want them to, I’ll be posting a video this Thursday for KMF. Even if I look like a bag of crap.

5) I’m starting a new diet today, so you might get some grumpy posts about body image and how dieting is the Devil. Mostly I feel more energized already.

And I think that’s it for this coming week!

I should’ve just written the post about ‘The Lost Hero’. It would’ve been shorter. Haha.

Happy Monday!


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