The Lost Hero–Rick Riordan

A new series from Rick Riordan where it’s meant for teens and young adults. This is a spin off from his Percy Jackson series and it introduces a boat load of new characters.

We start off with Jason, a demigod who has lost his memory dropped into the middle of a school for “bad kids” holding hands with his girlfriend Piper and next to his best friend Leo.

I really like this newer series, things get a little more serious, a little more in depth on the Gods of Olympus and how they came to be.

As usual, the writing is really great, the characters are really funny and interesting, and the storyline is a good move on the authors part and it works.

You get to see Camp Half-blood from the perspective of new characters who are older, which means that they do get a little more angst-ridden, but they weren’t annoying about it.

Jason is trying to figure out who he is and why he’s ended up in a place where he doesn’t feel like he fits in, Piper is trying to find out who her God parent is while trying to hide who her human father is, and Leo is just trying not to set any fires.

Smart, funny, great for older kids who have read the Percy series since the old characters are still around and it’s like being greeted by old friends.


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