Christopher Lee

Hey sports fans.

My best friend just messaged me the saddest news:

Christopher Lee has passed away.

Now, I’m not a weepy person by nature, but the second he wrote, “Hey man, did you hear about Christopher Lee?” I immediately started crying.

Yes, it’s absurd to cry about someone I don’t know and would never have met anyway, or about a movie star in general.

But Christopher Lee is different. I learned a lot about him from his autobiography, and when something is written by someone you feel as though you can read their heart.

My heart hurts for the most bad ass man who ever lived and his family.

Here’s my review of his autobiography if you need to understand the depths of my love for this guy: Lord of Misrule

His metal music on Youtube: Ghost Riders in the Sky (which tickles me)

Him reading The Raven

Constant vigilance.

*Hunger Games Salute*



The same goes for him.


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