Eh, What? True Story.

Okay, look, summer is busy.

Things fall through the cracks, and one of those things has been regular posting.

(*Insert Kim Possible ringtone*)

So what’s the ‘sitch?

What have I been up to since June 30th? (Whoops.) My family is visiting from Italy and we are having so much fun already and planning things for the rest of the summer.

So far, I have gone axe throwing, which was and is top of my list of favourite things I’ve done this summer already. There is nothing as empowering as whipping an axe over your head and embedding it into a wall with all your strength. Which I legitimately thought that I had zero until I was trying to pull it out of the wall and was told not to yank on it but rather move it up and down to get it out. …. … … Dirty. Just saying. But my mind is usually residing in the gutter, so yeah.

Then we went to the Mumford and Sons concert at Niagara-on-the-Lake, which at first I was like UUUUUGH. Because I’m an overprivileged kid and didn’t enjoy roasting in the sun eating ice cream and not being bright enough to remember water all day. (Then not getting out of the parking lot until 2 am because it was a mud pit.)

BUT THEY WERE THE BEES KNEES. Just never again watching a concert in a field. I’m not built for that.


Okay. So the rest of the time that I’ve been neglecting you guys I have been reading so that I would actually have something to review later on this summer. I have joined a book challenge (which I have posted about) and I think you guys should join me! There is still time to read 26 books by the end of the year after all.

Unless you guys have lives and significant others, unlike me most of the time. Haha.

What else? Oh. I’ve been doing some more self love injection (which also sounds dirty) and I’ll be talking about that on Thursday in a fresh KMF.

So, enjoy your Tuesday, I hope you guys are having an awesome summer already, and here’s your True Story Tuesday alongside the true story I just threw at you.


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