Guten Tag !

Hello little birds!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here ready to chat, ready to do anything, and now I have the time, I have the gumption, and I have the brain whirling around with things.

So I’m back!

It’s been a few months of discovery of things and I would love to tell you every inch of those things, but let’s be real here: Who cares?

Mainly what I have learned about myself is that having three kids at home for the summer was wearing me the fuck out. I love my cousins like crazy, but school didn’t come soon enough!

Now that the constant refereeing is over, the making them food all day long is done, the making sure they are out in the sun to grow like little weeds (or sunflowers, depends on the day.) is done, and the whine store is closed, I can get back to being alive for the things I want to do.

It also helps that everyone and their mother that was visiting over the summer are all gone home and things are returning to their previous boring ways of routine.


I guess this was just my way of saying Hey. I’m back. I have some things to talk to you about soon and thanks for holding tight. I appreciated the break more than you could ever imagine.

See you Monday for our next book review!

Constant vigilance!


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